Let's get to know Crispy Mushrooms, Chew Chew brand by Im Tong Co., Ltd.

Chew Chew was born from The English word is Chew Chew, which means chewing, chewing. The words that my sister-in-law spoke every day. during feeding time for grandchildren Until it becomes a catchy word and it sounds easy and it fits the product that we want to produce itself.

From the beginning, he was already interested in mushrooms. The owner used to be an executive at a famous food company and saw the channel. and the attractiveness of mushrooms as well Therefore began to invent products as a secret formula. We also pay attention to raw materials. Including the taste that comes out with We do not add MSG in our products. Minimize the use of sodium. And also developed products to come out to eat and still have fun as the name Chew Chew as well. The frame shook the house ever.

including choo choo No preservatives added no added sugar no trans fat and also visible to consumers who eat vegetarian Therefore, we have produced a product of Chew Chew, Crispy Mushroom, Original Flavor, so that it can be eaten like a vegetarian, as well as we also want that every gender, every day, that everyone can eat, so we have to ask for a seal of approval from the FDA. nutrition and including the halal symbol as well

and various flavors That we have distributed up to 4 flavors together.
1. Chew Chew, Crispy Mushroom Original Flavor
2. Chew Chew, Crispy Mushroom, BBQ Flavor
3. Chew Chew, Crispy Mushrooms Mala Flavor
4. Chew Chew, Crispy Mushroom, Larb Muang Flavor

Our products are environmentally friendly. and also produced by factories that have received world-class production standards such as

GSP (Good Storage Practice) that step up from GMP again and also received the standard H.A.C.C.P (Hazard Analysis Control Critical Point) that can say that our products are definitely safe. Every step of the production process is very tight, including the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) covering it and we are working on a comprehensive audit for the Halal seal. and meet the needs of consumers of all genders, ages, and concerns

Filled the stomach, start putting crispy mushrooms, Chou Chou brand. On August 12, 2022, it's the first day of Chou Chou. which began to be distributed in all online channels
including storefronts such as Cafe Amazon*, Inthanin Coffee* and other famous restaurants.

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